Results from 5 Things Friday - Recharge & Refresh

Hi Everybody!


I hope you all joined in the fun of pampering yourself over the weekend. It was just what I was needing! I took an epsom salt bath not once, but twice. YES!! I put my face mask on while I was in the tub, to indulge in two things at once. It was so nice and relaxing and my body & skin truly appreciated it! I even manage to shave my legs more than once and painted my toes! It felt great to make myself a priority and celebrate the 32 years I’ve been here on this amazing earth. I need to do those things more often! Recharging & refreshing should be a daily requirement!

Also, Kris totally deserves a shout out! He spoiled me and went above and beyond to make me feel special and loved! I had a great weekend spent on cloud 9. My cup is full, and I hope yours is too!

Life should not only be lived, but celebrated!
— Anonymous

5 Things Friday - Recharge & Refresh

Hi Everybody!!

It’s that time again!! “5 Things Friday!” I can almost hear you chanting that with me, with complete excitement!! Am I right?? HA!

With this coming weekend, being the weekend before my birthday! I wanted to try and make it a little extra special! So, I decided to focus on recharging and refreshing!! I usually put my pampering on the back burner and forget about it, till I’m desperate… Can you relate? Hopefully you’re doing better than me in that department! Well, this weekend is all about making YOU a priority. I fully intend to make this weekend all about relaxing, recharging and refreshing. I am turning 32 on Monday and I want to feel my best! I have made so many goals in this last year, one of them being: Learn to love myself. It’s taken me 32 years to get to this point and really focus in on it… Sad, I know! I think that for so long, I’ve struggled with truly loving myself, because I thought it was a selfish thing to do. Instead, I have always been the first person to make fun of myself or tear myself down… pretty crappy, but true. I knew this needed to change if I wanted to get healthy and have a positive relationship with myself. (and be that example to my littles!) So, I’ve tried to really focus on who I am, what I need to be happy and healthy… and making myself a priority in my life. I have to say, it’s been the hardest year of my life yet… I tend to find my joy in building others and forget to build myself. Not anymore… not this year! 2018 is all about becoming the person I know I am meant to be! (Fill my cup, so I can happily fill other cups) I know I am important and I deserve to feel happiness as much as anyone else and SO DO YOU!! So… This weekend especially with it being right before my birthday celebration, I want to gift myself a weekend full of love. I hope you join me!! Let’s do this!


1. Paint toes or go get a pedicure: This is always a fun way to brighten your day! Relax and enjoy as someone makes your toes look pretty!

2. Give yourself a nice bubble bath or even better, a epsom salt bath: I love epsom salt baths! They are top of my list for favorite things to do to recharge! I usually have sore muscles from working out, or running after kids all day, so baths are super relaxing to me and they help ease all the aches and pains!

3. Deep condition your hair: I recently had a rough experience at my salon and my hair got totally fried… I don’t want to talk about it! (maybe later…) So, not only is this completely necessary for my hair, but anyone could benefit! Deep conditioning is such an important part of a hair routine. After summer when your hair has been in the sun and pool water, it’s usually more brittle and dry. So, time to give your hair some love! You know what to do: Refresh and recharge! Try doing a home remedy with coconut oil!

4. Face mask: Since the goal here is to refresh, masks are are great way to remove impurities and hydrate your skin! Throw some good music on, put your mask on, lay down and relax! Find some cucumbers for your eyes, if you can!

5. Shave your legs: I hate shaving my legs! If I could afford laser hair removal, I would totally do it in a heartbeat! Maybe one day, but for now, old school shaver over here! All jokes aside, I love when my legs are smooth, but it’s rare! My leg hair grows crazy fast… It’s ridiculous!! But, when it is done… It makes me feel fresh! So, I put it on this list!

So here’s the fun part… GO! REFRESH & RECHARGE!! Do this list! You’ll thank me later! Have a great weekend!

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XO, Kay

Results from 5 Things Friday - Get cleaning

After a weekend of doing my 5 simple cleaning tasks, my house felt so fresh and so clean, clean!! Doing those small things inspired me to do more and more, before I knew it, my house looked as good as new! Huzzah! I really got my cleaning on! And because I was so focused on cleaning, everyone else in my family joined in on the “fun”. My kids were vacuuming, dusting, and helping swiffer-ing the floors before the weekend was over. YESSS! Kris even tackled some of his own cleaning tasks, that he had been otherwise too busy to do. (During the summer he focuses on the yard work.) With it being so smoky here in Utah, because of all the fires, it helped that we were all trapped in doors for most of the weekend. (So sad, but perfect timing!)

1. Empty the trash cans: Check! All 7 of them! Including our shred bin, thanks to Kris!

2. Clean the mirrors: Check! And to be completely honest… they already need to be cleaned again!!

3. Scrub the toilets: Check! All four of them got scrubbed and wiped down! Normally I scrub the 2 on our main floor, because those are the two that get the most use. I usually leave the other two till they desperately need it… but not this time! They all got lucky this weekend!

4. Vacuum the stairs: Check! The upstairs and the downstairs! I usually skip the downstairs…

5. Disinfect the light switches & door knobs: Check! This SO needed to be done! So glad I added it to the list! “

Did you get your cleaning done? Tell me about it in the comments below! Hope you all felt productive and accomplished!

XO, Kay!

Stay tuned for this weekend! It’s going to be all about the recharging and refreshing! It’s the weekend before my bday, September 24th. Get ready to pamper yourself!

5 Things Friday - Get Cleaning!

Happy 5 Things Friday, Everybody!!

Are you ready to get your cleaning on? Last weekend it was all about adding color, this weekend is all about spiffing up around your place and getting some cleaning tasks done! Pick 5 simple tasks to do over your weekend! This is to help you feel more productive and accomplished. I know these probably look like small things to add into your weekend, and maybe you already do these things, but if these are the small and simple things that you look past till they get overwhelming… this is your weekend to kick some butt! Ready, Set… GO! Here is your bite-sized checklist!


1. Empty the Trash: In our house, we have to take out the trash pretty much every other day. It’s one of those chores that if you don’t get to it every couple of days, things can get smelly and gross real fast. (And we’re pretty sensitive to smell over here!) But, I understand that life gets busy and you can’t accomplish everything you want when you would like to… So, if it’s been a few days, or more… Take out the garbage today! If you have time right now, do it! If you aren’t home, do it right when you walk in!

2. Clean the Mirrors: If you don’t have time to do your whole bathroom this weekend, just focus on getting the mirrors done. It will make a big difference! It makes the bathroom feel a little more put together until you can tackle the whole project. If you have kids like me, I am sure your mirrors will thank you! (Sometime I don’t understand how my mirrors get so dirty, so fast! And then I see Brooklyn up on the counters… slapping and smearing her hands all over it. (usually with soap or lotion or hair product.) And did I mention the licking? Why do kids lick mirrors and windows?? Oh kids! One day things will stay cleaner longer… until then, I try and laugh it off and clean the mirrors more often!

3. Scrub the Toilets: If it’s been a while, this one is for you!! Scrub, scrub, scrub!! Toilets are fast to clean, you can do it! You got this!

4. Vacuum the Stairs: I will be honest, I don’t do this as much as I should! Most of the time, I vacuum my stairs once every 2 weeks… We don’t have a lot of carpet, but that’s no excuse. Our stairs are constantly being used, they get a lot of foot-traffic. They deserve some TLC more often. If you are like me, you know what to do! Pull out the vacuum this weekend! Just do it!

Disinfect the Light Switches and Door Knobs: Here in Utah, there has been so much sickness going around, from a serious flu viruses to yucky colds and allergies. I swear, with back to school and with the season changing, everyone gets sick right about now! So, make sure that you are doing your best to disinfect your door knobs and light switches. (Not to mention washing your hands 100x) This will help keep you and your family healthy!

I hope some of these simple ideas get you motivated to clean this weekend! I know I will be doing this check list with you and will keep you updated on Instagram. I look forward hearing about your successes! Tell me about them in the comments below or on Instagram! I would love to hear about your accomplishments!!

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XO, Kay!

Results from the first 5 Things Friday

Hey Everybody!

I wanted to share my results from doing my first 5 Things Friday! I was so happy with how it turned out. I had a lot of fun adding more color to my weekend, and it truly did bring me more happiness. It pushed me to get creative and do things I don’t normally make time for. I hope you joined in the fun, if you didn’t - that’s ok... we got the next 5 Things Friday coming soon! Stay tuned!

1. Get flowers for a vase: This is something that I LOVE to do, but I don’t do it consistently. I totally should, it was a total mood booster! I mean, who doesn’t love flowers? And daisies… They’re the friendliest flowers, don’t you think? I got my idea from Oh Joy! I enjoyed taking her idea and making it my own version. She is one of the most colorful individuals out there, in my opinion, and so creative. She totally inspires me! So naturally trying one of her brilliant ideas on adding colors brought me a lot of joy! (no pun intended… or maybe intended!) 

2. Flash a smile (wearing lipstick):

Whenever I was out and about, at the park or the store, I tried to keep my smile on. (Not in a crazy person way, but in a more natural way... as to not creep anyone out!) I smiled at people I made eye contact with or individuals who helped me along my day. This made me feel great and helped me focus on seeing the amazing individuals put on my path.  Brooklyn joined in the fun too!

3. Have a dance party:

Let’s get real, if you know me, I am always dancing! Every day is a dance party!! I have a lot of nervous energy and having a dance party is the best way for me to get it all out. It’s a total stress reliever for me! Let’s just say I am a “colorful dancer”… I dance to the beat of my own special drum, that’s for sure!

4. Wear a pop of color! With fall sneaking it’s way in, I thought it would be a great idea to follow Kelle Hamptons Fall Bucket List, and paint my nails a rich, deep merlot color. I rarely paint my nails anymore. Since I had kids, it’s a rare occurrence. So, this was a fun one for me and my kids totally joined in on the fun. We will be doing this one again soon!

5. Add some color to your plate: 

This one was to encourage me to eat a little more heathly and in a fun way. I was more mindful of adding fruits and vegetables, which is good, but I also added some colorful treats too... because, I am all about finding balance! Ha!  

Get ready for this Friday… The focus will be “Getting Cleaning”!

5 Things Friday - Get Colorful

Hey Guys!

With the season starting to change, I thought it would be a fun idea to start incorporating something new. New Season = New Start!! Who's with me? 

So, here's my idea, you ready? Every Friday I am going to do a post on 5 things that will either encourage you (and me) to get out and do something fun, find a new favorite or be productive in a simple doable way! I will also include a fun printable for you to print, so you can hang it somewhere you'll see over the weekend. This is to keep you motivated and/or inspired. The idea came to me today while I was feeling completely overwhelmed and so discouraged. (I won't lie... this almost happens daily) I have a tendency to try and conquer the world - all in one day... *Sigh. Life gets so busy and it feels like there is never enough time, can I get an AMEN? That is why I want to put these simple "5 things" lists out there, in case you need bite-sized reminders too... I will be doing the lists with you and will keep you updated on Instagram over my weekend and show how I put the lists to good use. This is meant to be fun, I hope it's the gentle push you need to keep you moving in a new easy way.   

Since this is the first 5, I thought I would keep it real simple for you to incorporate. Choose one or do all 5, it's up to you! I just want you to do at leased one! This first list is focused on one of my favorite things. Since my mission is to inspire and embrace lives that are meant to be lived in color... It was an easy choice! COLOR! Enjoy and have fun with this one! 


1. Get some flowers for a vase:

This is a great way to add color to any room in your house. And who doesn't love flowers? They always make me smile! I might be a tad obsessed! You don't need to be an expert with flower arranging skills. In fact, there are so many simple ways to display flowers. Try this... Use white flowers with clear vases, then dye the water different colors to make beautiful and fun arrangements. They are sure to bring happiness to any room in a simple way!

2. Flash a smile:

This one is as simple as it sounds, but it can totally make someones day! I think a lot of us run through our days and try not to make eye contact with others, because we are in such hurries... but I encourage you to slow down, at leased a little... make it a point to see the people in your life. Take time to smile at them. It will make them happy and in turn it will color you happy too! (Want bonus points?? Add more color with some awesome lipstick on!!!)

3. Have a dance party:

What makes me feel colorful and alive is dancing my little heart out! It makes my aura burst into colors! Put on some good music and twerk it out, like the one and only colorful, Alison Faulkner!

4. Wear a pop of color:

Over the last year I have tried to wear more color... I have always loved to wear black, I think that stems from my salon days... but I have been trying to add more color to what I wear everyday and it has made a difference in my energy! Color brings me to life! Try it! It's energizing! 

5. Add more color to you plate:

The more color the better, and I am not talking about skittles taste the rainbow! (even though I love me a bag of skittles on occasion!) I am talking fruits & veggies! The more fruits and vegetables you can add to your plate the better.

I hope this encourage you to try something new this weekend and hopefully it will turn into a new favorite! (like me with wearing color!) Have a great weekend and don't forget to share your stories of color with me! If you want to, use the hashtag #meanttobecolorful, that way I can see what your up to!     

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