5 Things Friday - Get Colorful

Hey Guys!

With the season starting to change, I thought it would be a fun idea to start incorporating something new. New Season = New Start!! Who's with me? 

So, here's my idea, you ready? Every Friday I am going to do a post on 5 things that will either encourage you (and me) to get out and do something fun, find a new favorite or be productive in a simple doable way! I will also include a fun printable for you to print, so you can hang it somewhere you'll see over the weekend. This is to keep you motivated and/or inspired. The idea came to me today while I was feeling completely overwhelmed and so discouraged. (I won't lie... this almost happens daily) I have a tendency to try and conquer the world - all in one day... *Sigh. Life gets so busy and it feels like there is never enough time, can I get an AMEN? That is why I want to put these simple "5 things" lists out there, in case you need bite-sized reminders too... I will be doing the lists with you and will keep you updated on Instagram over my weekend and show how I put the lists to good use. This is meant to be fun, I hope it's the gentle push you need to keep you moving in a new easy way.   

Since this is the first 5, I thought I would keep it real simple for you to incorporate. Choose one or do all 5, it's up to you! I just want you to do at leased one! This first list is focused on one of my favorite things. Since my mission is to inspire and embrace lives that are meant to be lived in color... It was an easy choice! COLOR! Enjoy and have fun with this one! 


1. Get some flowers for a vase:

This is a great way to add color to any room in your house. And who doesn't love flowers? They always make me smile! I might be a tad obsessed! You don't need to be an expert with flower arranging skills. In fact, there are so many simple ways to display flowers. Try this... Use white flowers with clear vases, then dye the water different colors to make beautiful and fun arrangements. They are sure to bring happiness to any room in a simple way!

2. Flash a smile:

This one is as simple as it sounds, but it can totally make someones day! I think a lot of us run through our days and try not to make eye contact with others, because we are in such hurries... but I encourage you to slow down, at leased a little... make it a point to see the people in your life. Take time to smile at them. It will make them happy and in turn it will color you happy too! (Want bonus points?? Add more color with some awesome lipstick on!!!)

3. Have a dance party:

What makes me feel colorful and alive is dancing my little heart out! It makes my aura burst into colors! Put on some good music and twerk it out, like the one and only colorful, Alison Faulkner!

4. Wear a pop of color:

Over the last year I have tried to wear more color... I have always loved to wear black, I think that stems from my salon days... but I have been trying to add more color to what I wear everyday and it has made a difference in my energy! Color brings me to life! Try it! It's energizing! 

5. Add more color to you plate:

The more color the better, and I am not talking about skittles taste the rainbow! (even though I love me a bag of skittles on occasion!) I am talking fruits & veggies! The more fruits and vegetables you can add to your plate the better.

I hope this encourage you to try something new this weekend and hopefully it will turn into a new favorite! (like me with wearing color!) Have a great weekend and don't forget to share your stories of color with me! If you want to, use the hashtag #meanttobecolorful, that way I can see what your up to!     

Get your free printable here