5 Things Friday - Get Cleaning!

Happy 5 Things Friday, Everybody!!

Are you ready to get your cleaning on? Last weekend it was all about adding color, this weekend is all about spiffing up around your place and getting some cleaning tasks done! Pick 5 simple tasks to do over your weekend! This is to help you feel more productive and accomplished. I know these probably look like small things to add into your weekend, and maybe you already do these things, but if these are the small and simple things that you look past till they get overwhelming… this is your weekend to kick some butt! Ready, Set… GO! Here is your bite-sized checklist!


1. Empty the Trash: In our house, we have to take out the trash pretty much every other day. It’s one of those chores that if you don’t get to it every couple of days, things can get smelly and gross real fast. (And we’re pretty sensitive to smell over here!) But, I understand that life gets busy and you can’t accomplish everything you want when you would like to… So, if it’s been a few days, or more… Take out the garbage today! If you have time right now, do it! If you aren’t home, do it right when you walk in!

2. Clean the Mirrors: If you don’t have time to do your whole bathroom this weekend, just focus on getting the mirrors done. It will make a big difference! It makes the bathroom feel a little more put together until you can tackle the whole project. If you have kids like me, I am sure your mirrors will thank you! (Sometime I don’t understand how my mirrors get so dirty, so fast! And then I see Brooklyn up on the counters… slapping and smearing her hands all over it. (usually with soap or lotion or hair product.) And did I mention the licking? Why do kids lick mirrors and windows?? Oh kids! One day things will stay cleaner longer… until then, I try and laugh it off and clean the mirrors more often!

3. Scrub the Toilets: If it’s been a while, this one is for you!! Scrub, scrub, scrub!! Toilets are fast to clean, you can do it! You got this!

4. Vacuum the Stairs: I will be honest, I don’t do this as much as I should! Most of the time, I vacuum my stairs once every 2 weeks… We don’t have a lot of carpet, but that’s no excuse. Our stairs are constantly being used, they get a lot of foot-traffic. They deserve some TLC more often. If you are like me, you know what to do! Pull out the vacuum this weekend! Just do it!

Disinfect the Light Switches and Door Knobs: Here in Utah, there has been so much sickness going around, from a serious flu viruses to yucky colds and allergies. I swear, with back to school and with the season changing, everyone gets sick right about now! So, make sure that you are doing your best to disinfect your door knobs and light switches. (Not to mention washing your hands 100x) This will help keep you and your family healthy!

I hope some of these simple ideas get you motivated to clean this weekend! I know I will be doing this check list with you and will keep you updated on Instagram. I look forward hearing about your successes! Tell me about them in the comments below or on Instagram! I would love to hear about your accomplishments!!

Get your printable here!

XO, Kay!