Results from 5 Things Friday - Get cleaning

After a weekend of doing my 5 simple cleaning tasks, my house felt so fresh and so clean, clean!! Doing those small things inspired me to do more and more, before I knew it, my house looked as good as new! Huzzah! I really got my cleaning on! And because I was so focused on cleaning, everyone else in my family joined in on the “fun”. My kids were vacuuming, dusting, and helping swiffer-ing the floors before the weekend was over. YESSS! Kris even tackled some of his own cleaning tasks, that he had been otherwise too busy to do. (During the summer he focuses on the yard work.) With it being so smoky here in Utah, because of all the fires, it helped that we were all trapped in doors for most of the weekend. (So sad, but perfect timing!)

1. Empty the trash cans: Check! All 7 of them! Including our shred bin, thanks to Kris!

2. Clean the mirrors: Check! And to be completely honest… they already need to be cleaned again!!

3. Scrub the toilets: Check! All four of them got scrubbed and wiped down! Normally I scrub the 2 on our main floor, because those are the two that get the most use. I usually leave the other two till they desperately need it… but not this time! They all got lucky this weekend!

4. Vacuum the stairs: Check! The upstairs and the downstairs! I usually skip the downstairs…

5. Disinfect the light switches & door knobs: Check! This SO needed to be done! So glad I added it to the list! “

Did you get your cleaning done? Tell me about it in the comments below! Hope you all felt productive and accomplished!

XO, Kay!

Stay tuned for this weekend! It’s going to be all about the recharging and refreshing! It’s the weekend before my bday, September 24th. Get ready to pamper yourself!