5 Things Friday - Recharge & Refresh

Hi Everybody!!

It’s that time again!! “5 Things Friday!” I can almost hear you chanting that with me, with complete excitement!! Am I right?? HA!

With this coming weekend, being the weekend before my birthday! I wanted to try and make it a little extra special! So, I decided to focus on recharging and refreshing!! I usually put my pampering on the back burner and forget about it, till I’m desperate… Can you relate? Hopefully you’re doing better than me in that department! Well, this weekend is all about making YOU a priority. I fully intend to make this weekend all about relaxing, recharging and refreshing. I am turning 32 on Monday and I want to feel my best! I have made so many goals in this last year, one of them being: Learn to love myself. It’s taken me 32 years to get to this point and really focus in on it… Sad, I know! I think that for so long, I’ve struggled with truly loving myself, because I thought it was a selfish thing to do. Instead, I have always been the first person to make fun of myself or tear myself down… pretty crappy, but true. I knew this needed to change if I wanted to get healthy and have a positive relationship with myself. (and be that example to my littles!) So, I’ve tried to really focus on who I am, what I need to be happy and healthy… and making myself a priority in my life. I have to say, it’s been the hardest year of my life yet… I tend to find my joy in building others and forget to build myself. Not anymore… not this year! 2018 is all about becoming the person I know I am meant to be! (Fill my cup, so I can happily fill other cups) I know I am important and I deserve to feel happiness as much as anyone else and SO DO YOU!! So… This weekend especially with it being right before my birthday celebration, I want to gift myself a weekend full of love. I hope you join me!! Let’s do this!


1. Paint toes or go get a pedicure: This is always a fun way to brighten your day! Relax and enjoy as someone makes your toes look pretty!

2. Give yourself a nice bubble bath or even better, a epsom salt bath: I love epsom salt baths! They are top of my list for favorite things to do to recharge! I usually have sore muscles from working out, or running after kids all day, so baths are super relaxing to me and they help ease all the aches and pains!

3. Deep condition your hair: I recently had a rough experience at my salon and my hair got totally fried… I don’t want to talk about it! (maybe later…) So, not only is this completely necessary for my hair, but anyone could benefit! Deep conditioning is such an important part of a hair routine. After summer when your hair has been in the sun and pool water, it’s usually more brittle and dry. So, time to give your hair some love! You know what to do: Refresh and recharge! Try doing a home remedy with coconut oil!

4. Face mask: Since the goal here is to refresh, masks are are great way to remove impurities and hydrate your skin! Throw some good music on, put your mask on, lay down and relax! Find some cucumbers for your eyes, if you can!

5. Shave your legs: I hate shaving my legs! If I could afford laser hair removal, I would totally do it in a heartbeat! Maybe one day, but for now, old school shaver over here! All jokes aside, I love when my legs are smooth, but it’s rare! My leg hair grows crazy fast… It’s ridiculous!! But, when it is done… It makes me feel fresh! So, I put it on this list!

So here’s the fun part… GO! REFRESH & RECHARGE!! Do this list! You’ll thank me later! Have a great weekend!

Get your printable here!

XO, Kay