Results from 5 Things Friday - Recharge & Refresh

Hi Everybody!


I hope you all joined in the fun of pampering yourself over the weekend. It was just what I was needing! I took an epsom salt bath not once, but twice. YES!! I put my face mask on while I was in the tub, to indulge in two things at once. It was so nice and relaxing and my body & skin truly appreciated it! I even manage to shave my legs more than once and painted my toes! It felt great to make myself a priority and celebrate the 32 years I’ve been here on this amazing earth. I need to do those things more often! Recharging & refreshing should be a daily requirement!

Also, Kris totally deserves a shout out! He spoiled me and went above and beyond to make me feel special and loved! I had a great weekend spent on cloud 9. My cup is full, and I hope yours is too!

Life should not only be lived, but celebrated!
— Anonymous