Friday, December 20th, 2013

We finally made it home from the hospital! Time to relax, enjoy our new baby, and heal. I was on my phone while Boston was sleeping next to me, both of us enjoying a peaceful moment, when I noticed something on Facebook. My friend (the one from the Brides' Shop) had gotten married! Like, to her girlfriend! WHAT? HOW? Here in Utah? It had to be a joke! What the heck was happening? Utah didn't perform same-sex marriages! What in the world was going on?

I showed my phone to Kris and we both freak out! We started to look up what had just changed in Utah. Why was this happening? Since we had been under a rock having a baby, we had no clue what was going on, but let me break it down for you:  

Same-Sex Couples in Utah Getting Marriage Licenses After Judge Strikes Down Ban on Gay Marriage 

You can follow these links for more info here and here

 "A federal judge in Utah on Friday struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage, saying the U.S. Constitution offers the same equal protection and due process rights to same-sex individuals to marry the person of their choice that it gives heterosexual individuals..."

We were panicking! How were we going to get there and get married too?  So, we made a plan.

This is us waiting for Weber County to open, holding Boston.

This is us waiting for Weber County to open, holding Boston.

Early Saturday morning, we heard that Davis county (about an hour away from our house) would be opening to perform marriages. We made sure to get there as early as possible (I was completely miserable! I was in so much pain, and still crazy swollen, but I was so excited and knew we had to do it.) When we got there, Kris and some of our friends went to wait in the line while I stayed in the car with my new baby. There were a ton of people there - hundreds and hundreds! We waited for a few hours before when we found out they weren't going to open. It was so disappointing! To come all that way, wait, and not have them open their doors!? Grrr! It was beyond our control, so we decided we would just head home, rest, and try to figure out what to do next. After being home for about an hour, our same friends called and said they heard Weber county was opening to perform marriages and that we needed to get there fast! So, we packed up all of our stuff and the new baby and drove to Weber (about an hour and a half away from where we lived.) I waited in the car with baby Boston again since it was cold. Kris came and got me when it was close to the time they said they were going to open the doors and start marriages. We waited in line for about 45 minutes when they came out and said they weren't going to open! WHAT?! Another disappointment? Seriously? Yep.

We went home, exhausted and so disappointed! We knew we needed to get a plan together so we could get married before they put the "stay" on the marriages. They were going to meet Monday morning around 10:00 AM to have the "stay" possibly placed, making it so there would be no marriages performed until Utah got everything figured out with the supreme courts. We knew Salt Lake County opened on Monday morning at 8:00 AM, so on Sunday night, Kris and our same friends went to get in line again. They wanted to be at the front of the line, guaranteeing us a spot to get in and get married before the "stay" could be placed.

This is a picture Kris sent me from that night while waiting outside! I felt so bad that it was so cold! But, I couldn't help but feel so grateful that he was so willing to do this for us, and our family! The "BOSS" beanie was for Boston!

This is a picture Kris sent me from that night while waiting outside! I felt so bad that it was so cold! But, I couldn't help but feel so grateful that he was so willing to do this for us, and our family! The "BOSS" beanie was for Boston!

That Sunday night, Kris bundled up and went up to the Salt Lake County Office and spent the night outside in the freezing cold and snow to be the seventh person (couple) in line. I stayed home with Boston, of course, which was a bit nerve-wracking for me, not being an experienced mom, still in recovery mode, having no help through the night! I managed, but I remember having that feeling in the pit of my stomach with all the "what ifs". Well, that Monday morning came fast since I was up several times with Boston through the night and didn't get much sleep. I was beyond tired, but when I woke up to get ready that morning, my adrenaline was pumping. I could feel my heart pounding! I was excited and oh-so nervous! I left around 6:00 AM to get there in time for the doors to open. Luckily they had opened the doors earlier that morning and let the people waiting in line in from the cold before the office opened. I remember all the energy I felt when I arrived at the building! There was so much excitement, the building sounded like a buzzing beehive. I am sure everyone was nervous, just like me, about the possible stay and maybe not making through the line in time. There were THOUSANDS of people there. That is a lot of marriages to perform! None the less, everyone seemed to be full of uncontrollable happiness.

When I met up with Kris, I felt a huge relief that she was at the beginning of the line and that we would most likely make it through fast and not have to wait all day. There were news cameras everywhere interviewing people and trying to capture all of the excitement. It all felt like an out-of-body experience, but that could have been the pain meds I was taking. 

They finally opened the door and everyone cheered! It was a huge moment. It was really happening! They started issuing marriage licenses. I was so giddy! This was a big moment in history, and I was a part of it! But more than that, my marriage was finally going to be recognized by my state. (Little did I realize that it would soon be recognized by all states!) It all happened so fast! We got our marriage license and walked out of the office and found someone to perform our marriage. It was far from a "fairy tale" wedding, but we already had one of those! It was more going through the motions and getting out as fast as possible. We found a gay minister, who was more than happy to perform our marriage. She was so awesome and we appreciated her willingness more than she will ever know! There were so many volunteers there that were licensed to perform marriages, it was so touching! I even ran into one of my good friends from high school who was there performing marriages. It was so cool! My heart could have exploded that day. I was full to the brim with gratitude! 


But I can't lie, I was ready to go home, get in bed, and not move. I had just given birth and was dying to rest and just snuggle my baby! I got home and took a breath, and before I knew it it was time to go to Boston's two day check up with our pediatrician. They wanted to see him and make sure he was good and healthy because they weren't the pediatrician at the hospital.

While we were at the appointment, more excitement hit us. Kris got a phone call. It was from the hospital calling to tell us that because of the recent changes in Utah, that they were going to recognize Kris as the parent on the birth certificate! What? 

The lady from the hospital had received a phone call from the people that helped answer all of our questions at the hospital, and they remembered us! With all the new excitement, they went out of their way to contact us and let us know what to do and to do it fast. 

This was like a Christmas miracle! Having our marriage recognized and Kris being listed as the parent on the birth certificate all in one day? How could all of this be happening? These were all things that we never thought that we would live to see the day of! It was truly a God-given miracle. We would like to think it all happened for us, but we realize that there have been many before us paving the way, making this day possible, and we can't help but be so grateful and appreciate all of the hard work that they put in to accomplish such a huge victory!