Why I Am Sharing My Life Story...

I want to stop and take a moment to tell you why I want to share my story (you can read more about this in my "About" tab).

I think it is important to let people see that there is nothing to be scared of, and that there is nothing wrong with me or my family. When you are different from what the "normal" might seem to be, I think it's easy to get misjudged!

You can be different from someone and what they believe in and still be a good person!

Growing up in Utah, I feel like I was taught that if you are different or think a different way, or feel differently from the majority, there is something wrong with you and you are a bad person. I had so much guilt and shame, I would beat myself up and literally get sick when I realized no matter how hard I tired to conform, it wasn't me. I wasn't being honest to myself or anyone else. It took me years and years to get to a healthy place where I was strong and brave enough to just be me, and be proud of it! Being able to move past what others think of me has been such a huge relief. Talk about a heavy weight being lifted off of me. (I think of the story of Punchinello learning that the only thing that should matter in life is what The Master thinks of you. In my book, my master is God. If you haven't ever read the book You Are Special, I highly recommend it. Such a beautiful life-learning message in there.) 

My hopes are that by sharing my truth and opening up and being so vulnerable, I can help someone along the way - even if that one person is one of my kids in the future when they can read this. It would be worth it! I just want to lift and encourage and share my happiness with you all! 

If you are here and don't agree with what I have to say, that is okay! I am not trying to change anyone's mind into thinking like me. I just hope that you find understanding and realize, it is okay to agree to disagree!  We can still be friends!  

So, with all of that being said... please be kind!