Final Day at Dreamfield

As the last day here at our Dreamfield house is here, I have been full of strong emotions.  Moving from a home you love is bitter-sweet. I am trying to absorb every last inch of it - in between the chaos of moving and cleaning everything, I have been taking a boat-load of pictures and videos, trying to capture the last moments here. I keep having all of these great memories flood my mind and I am really torn about saying goodbye. This home is very much a part of me and holds some of my most favorite and dearest memories within it. I know it's time to create a new home and fill it with some new wonderful memories, but I feel like I am losing a piece of my heart. This home has been my safe place, my comfort, and my peace for the last 10 years. It has evolved and changed for the better over the years - just like me.

Now the time has come to move into a new house that has the space we need and then some, but it's not home - not yet, that is. It will take time to make it our own and create a space that feels complete and comfortable, but I realize the most important thing about a home is the people you share it with. My family is my home! They are what make me feel safe, comfortable, and at peace. I know it won't be long before this house creates a new place in my heart that I will hold dear and cherish, but I will never forget where our family was established, where it all began - right here in this charming little home on Dreamfield.


Last day at Dreamfield


And we're off!